About me

I am Daniel Morales, architecture photographer. I specialice in  interiors, hotels, commercial spaces, and residences.

I was born in Bogotá, capital of Colombia, where I studied aviation and worked as a pilot for two decades. However, my taste for photography began at a young age. In fact, it was in high school that my curiosity triggered when I inherited a Zenit camera from my father. As a result, I began to make my first approach to this incredible art. Art that after a short time would become a hobby and finally, a profession.

But it wasn’t until I bought my first reflex camera, that I decided to take the photograph to the next level. Therefore, I began to study basic concepts and techniques on my own to put into practice. After a while, this topic fascinated me so much that I wanted to continue expanding my knowledge. The more I learned and obtained good results, the greater my interest. That’s why I started studying basic and advanced photography at the Center for Image Studies in Bogotá. Finally and after some years, I knew that I wanted to turn this fascinating art into my lifestyle. That’s when I decided to become a full-time photographer.

Daniel Morales fotografo de arquitectura

My liking for this kind of photography


My decision to specialize in this type of photography is linked to my great love for architecture. I have always admired the great creative and technical capacity that implies to conceive an architectural structure from scratch. Admiration, which made me fall in love with this type of photography that unites two of my great passions.

To me, architectural photography more than a job, is an adventure and that is why I enjoy it so much. For this reason I always work to improve my skills in search of results that convey emotions to people. That’s why, I use a series of techniques that allow me to achieve the desired look in each photo. Among them, the use of natural light and artificial light that carefully combined, give them a unique nuance. Each image I work is meticulously crafted from capture to the final product. Putting in them all my knowledge, skill and passion.

With whom I have worked:

Ac Hotel San José  by Marriott

Andaz Costa Rica Resort by Hyatt

Courtyard by Marriott

JW Marriott Guanacaste

Hotel Intercontinental Costa Rica

Plaza Tempo Escazú

Hotel Radisson San José

Villa Caletas Hotel, Playa Herradura

Zephyr Palace Hotel, Playa Herradura

Escape Villas at Manuel Antonio

Nokke Restaurante


“Daniel’s work is impeccable and detailed, he carefully takes care of all the details and knows how to easily discover the essence of the place. In addition, his human quality, responsibility and passion for his work make a difference.  Many take photos but few are truly photographers, thanks for everything Daniel”

Geiner Espinoza

Executive AC Hotels by Marriott